UDSM Online Programs

Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering Management

This program is designed to meet today’s engineering professionals giving them the necessary skills and competencies as managers in an industrial situation, or prepare the individual to further their qualifications. The program builds on the qualifications of a first degree, generally in non-business area to develop creative thinking and the development of leadership and management skills.

Postgraduate Diploma in Education

This program is offered to candidates who wish to earn a teaching qualification after graduating in any degree programme except education. The program provides a flexible route to earn teaching profession qualification and allows candidates to combine work and study. 

Postgraduate Diploma in Electronics Engineering and IT

This program equips students with the necessary technical and professional knowledge and skills, via the blending of theoretical knowledge and practical application, to enable them to pursue a career in electronic engineering and information technology, i.e. design and development, testing, technical support and maintenance.

 Masters of Engineering Management

The program provides an opportunity for engineers, technical specialists, and non-technical professionals to build and stretch their managerial skills and integrate their business and technical knowledge. It has been specifically designed to emphasise the interface between engineering, technology and management.