The Center for Virtual Learning has two Branches one in  Mwanza City and another Mbeya City. These branches serves as etension of CVL services in delivering ODeL programmes from the Univerity Academic Units. ODeL stands for Open, Distance and e-Learning in which Open Learning students can study through face-to-face teaching, Distance Learning, e-Learning or blended learning.When face-to-face teaching is used, the learner should attend just is like in the traditional classroom. Where e-learning is used, the instructor will use the e-Learning platform or Multimedia classroom to interact with learners either in real time (synchronously) or at a different time (asynchronously). Where blended learning is used, the instructor would teach both face to face and through the use of technological media at different times.

Therefore, in this context the Branches of Center for Virtual Learning in Mwanza City and Mbeya City provides a platform for  to deliver professional training programs in various areas  face to face but also faciliatate the training for blended learning programme students. This provide opportunity to students who apply to study through online courses to have flexibility of choice and pace that enables each one to comfortably access and participate in their studies at their geographical location, from admission to graduation and beyond. Currently, students are there are pure online degree programs which offer courses leading to professional degrees in education, business, engineering, and information technology


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