About Us

The Centre for Virtual learning (CVL) of the University of Dar es salaam (UDSM) is responsible to advise the University in all matters related to Open, Distance and e-Learning (ODeL). The centre is also responsible to provide technical support to all UDSM staff in the design, development and delivery of technology enhanced/ODeL-based degree programmes.

The Center for Virtual Learning (CVL) of University of Dar es Salaam provides technical support to all UDSM academic units in the design and provision of technology enhanced programs. We provides a wide variety of support to academics in educational technology that includes instructional multimedia production and training in using Moodle system


To become the world class Virtual Learning Centre for inclusive development


To provide quality and innovativeVirtual Learning Enveronment for inclusive development.


The centre consists of the following sections:

  • Internal Section

Coordinate and technically support delivery of online(bllended) programs offered by UDSM and other istitutions within Tanzania

  • Multimedia Section

Technically assist/support UDSM staff in all matters related to Open, Distance and eLearning(ODeL) modes of programs delivery system usage and course contents developments

  • External Section

Coordinates and technically support delivery of  online(bllended) programs offered by other istitutions outside Tanzania