Masters of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication is a 2-year (4 semesters) programme for graduates seeking a career in digital, radio, print or TV media and journalism. Designed to meet the changing needs of working professionals, it covers important trends and concepts of advertising, electronic communication, print media, news writing, public relations and corporate communication, event management, reporting and writing, audio–visual communication, and cyber journalism. This programme will prepare the learner to understand media ethics and acquire leadership positions in media houses.  

The programme enables learners to: 

  • Opens up plenty of avenues in related fields and a variety of careers in films and TV, publishing, public relations, editing, journalism, production, and advertising, besides others. 
  • Enhance a practical knowledge of the fundamental principles of Mass Communication and Journalism. 
  • Exhibit the capability to work on design briefs by abstract thoughts, media, and other techniques and execute on print, broadcast and digital news reporting, editing, etc. 
  • Work on the various software and hardware used in the Mass Communication and Journalism Industry 
  • Accomplish interest in electronic communication, advanced journalism, and marketing communication. 


Semester 1 

  • Principles of Journalism and mass 
  • communication 
  • Reporting and Writing For Media 
  • Media Advertising 
  •  Visual Communication and Photojournalism 
  • Computer application in Media 
  • Communication Skills 

Semester 3 

  • Media Management 
  • Development Journalism 
  • Public Relations and Corporate Communication 
  • New Media Communication 
  • Media Globalisation 
  • Behavioural Science 

Semester 2 

  • Advanced Research methods in Journalism 
  •  Electronic Media 
  •  Print Media 
  • Graphics and Media Production 
  • Media Governance and Management 
  • Environmental Science 

Semester 4 

Media Laws and Ethics 

Media Marketing and Circulation 

Foreign Language 

Project - Dissertation